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Daniel L

A little about me

A highly motivated, organised and ambitious individual who has been highly regarded in all previous employment.

I am currently working at Bedale High School as an Assistant Cook where I have been since Easter this year. Before this I was working at Bedale Golf Club a venue where in addition to the usual clientele (sandwiches, jackets etc.) we would host regular parties/functions catering up to 100 people (2/3 courses) and A Sunday Carvery (50-80 each week). In this role I have been involved in designing and pricing up menus, ordering, daily/weekly cleaning and regular interaction with customers

Previously to this I worked for McDonald's for 11 Years working my way up to 1st Assistant Manager (one step below store manager), during my time at McDonald's. I have been fortunate enough to learn many important skills that I have been able to transfer over to catering including developing/training staff, budgets and adhering to them, HR aspects (Discipline and appraisals) among others.
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