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Head Chef in Freckleton

Ian H

A little about me

I possess a positive attitude and a will to succeed. With this combination I can, and do make things happen. I have now reached a point in my career where I am ready to draw together my experience and skills and take the challenge of a another position organising and managing an operation with potential to grow and work towards a rosette award
I am calm and a organiser. I enjoy the interaction of bringing together ideas and formulating plans. Much satisfaction can be gained when everything “comes together”.
I feel that my good communication, person-to-person skills and ability to communicate at all levels would benefit any organisation I worked for. I like to think staff can find me approachable and fair, employers find me honest, reliable and hard working. I am highly professional in all that I do and can work alone or as a good team member.

I have extensive experience of hotel and catering management, gained in prestigious rosette establishments. I have built confidence and offer commitment to my employer.
My ability to work under pressure and prioritise my workload, yet not compromise quality standards have been proven. Each of my previous employers has provided me with references, of which I am proud.
My comprehensive experience and understanding of fine dining in catering to rosette standard was why I have been recruited by previous employers.
I believe that I am a manager who displays positive leadership by translating goals into clear objectives for the team. I am extremely passionate and focused, have a high drive for achievement and the tenacity to achieve objectives and overcome challenges. I have the ability to identify, understand and give priority to satisfying guest needs. I have experience in co coordinating a well-ordered work environment.
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