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Featured Chef Job Advertising 

Chef Site featured adverts are designed to get your chef vacancies noticed by many more potential chef jobseekers than our basic advertising package.


Why should you choose a Featured chef job Advert 

Chef Site featured chef job adverts have many advantages over regular recruitment adverts, so we have thought we would give you some good reasons for you to consider to have your chef job adverts featured.

When you have a featured chef job your advert will appear on our main pages of our 9 websites, giving your job and your details maximum exposer.

Your posted chef advert will appear in the top section of the main chef job selection page. Potential chef jobseekers searching online for particular chef jobs on arriving on their search page will immediately see your featured chef job position. If a chef searches by location, for example "chef jobs in London" where recruitment listings maybe competitive this chef job listing featured will give you a distinct advantage.

When a chef jobseeker is searching through chef jobs on Chef Site and choses to search chef jobs with our many job advert hints, you will appear at the top of the listing. 

If a chef jobseeker arrives at the Chef Site job board through a search engine or clicking through directly to a link on social media, featured chefs jobs are more visible to chefs.

Your featured chef job will be regularly listed across Chef Site Twitter, Facebook and our Google sites, plus feeds, encouraging social and job engagement, increasing recruitment and job application.

Your featured job will have a mention in our monthly newsletter to our thousands of registered chefs 

All for just £40.00 for three chef jobs adverts 

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