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What could be a chef's worst fictional employer in hospitality. 

Montgomery Burns

Best known as the evil owner of the smooth running of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and Homer Simpson’s big boss, Mr. Burns is a typecast of an common superior boss in America, Mr Burns demonstrates through his constant desire to increase his own wealth and power and inability to remember any employees' name. Burns uses his wealth and power of his position to abuse and to do whatever, where-ever he wants and can be found frequently tormenting the residents of Springfield. As a boss, don’t expect any respect, there maybe a few health, safety & diligence issues you have to deal with and you just know who will be planning your future in hospitality catering... good or bad. Though on the plus side, I may not of worked for him with his `exsscellent’ wording reminds me as im sure and many humble chefs of a few customers we've had the pleasant nature of catering for. 

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Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

What I hear you cry, Willy Wonka !!.. but yes those poor Oompa Loompas, at first sight all is well. But with their work, on the job live accommodation, loads of singing and tons of chocolate and candy, but what do you get when guzzle down sweets? Besides bad bouts of tooth decay and a trip to embarrassing bodies, you get to work for a uncaring control freak, yep, step in Mr. Wonka. He seems a nice guy, but as a boss? despite all of his wealth, he pays the little guys in just their favourite food and cacao beans. This is surely praying on their nearly extinct tribe and their caring subservient nature. So please note chefs and take a leaf from the Oompas – like chefs they're great at keeping corporate secrets and break into impromptu songs to break the workplace tension.. Especially likewise singing aimlessly when the stress of kitchen service becomes a little too much...


Basil Fawlty

Unmistakably he is the hotel owner in the television comedy Fawlty Towers. He is an incompetent, narrow-minded, a little control-freak who has the delusions of being grandeur. When things start to go wrong as they usually often do, Basil usually takes out his frustrations on Manuel, the unfortunate professional Spanish waiter. Manuel is regularly subjected to a barrage of assaults, be it a whack from a pan, a kick, or just an outright slap,  Basil’s hospitality man-management skills are called into question when he shouts comments at Manuel like; “Manuel, you’re a waste of space,” and “Manuel, THIS…is a smack.”  So think on when things are not going right on your service, or it’s a service from hell and that little jobs worth gives you some patronizing talk, Basil would give you a lot more..


The Emperor Palpatine

While Darth Vader is commonly regarded as the synonym of pure evil, he is nowhere as evil as his boss the lord Emperor, Palpatine. The Emperor, so known as Vader’s Sith Lord, teacher, master and all fearful, he manipulates Vader losing friendships and ultimately to seduce his son, Luke "I am your father" to come over to the dark side, but like most teens, Luke refutes. Alas Vader is overtaken by the Emperor to kill Luke, Vader after some time may we add and after many calls overcomes the dark side of the force and steps in to save his son and killing Palpatine. On realizing just how evil the Emperor was, like Vader, I guess its do your job at all costs including your sole and family, working all those long hours and days in our career progression just don’t seem so bad now..


Tony Soprano (The Sopranos)

This New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano presides over a top-down, an structured organization that operates like an reverse pyramid scheme, with each underling kicking up a percentage of his earnings to his immediate superior, with the cash trickling upward towards Tony. Any respectful Mafia kingpin demands all respect, which Tony achieves through a vast combination of violence, intimidation and the occasional kill off. Upon release from the hospital after being shot, a weakened Tony deliberately picks a fight with his muscle-bound bodyguard just so he can beat the stuffing and turkey out of the guy. With quotes such as “All due respect, you got no marshmellow 'n’ idea what it's like to be Number One. Every decision you make affects every facet of every other marshmellow 'n thing. It's too much to deal with almost and in the end you're completely alone with it all.” Cooking anything, getting in the way or just messing up in your job doesn't lead to a reprimand and a resend of that pink lamb on the kitchen pass – it leads to getting you a shovel and digging a hole.

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