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The modern CV for career minded chefs 

that helps you get your skills seen and employment ready.

Your jobseeking C.V. is your first impression to any future employer and your first personal selling tool as a job seeker, so you want it to be as effective as possible. This is your ‘first impression’ which may gain you into obtaining that important interview and selection process leading to future employment. Helping that first impression is our modern website with features such as video. Video helps put all your experience and skills across to an employer easily. As part of a CV our modern "M-cv" profile with your video, pictures and reviews can be so valuable in your job application, client's and future employers can see your professional skills in an instant and be much more than a stand-alone cv ever will. 

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M-cv give any potential interviewer and employer the reason not to search chefs cv's but just yours. 

The CV for job applications.

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  • Write long winded descriptions when detailing your chef job experiences.
  • Leave unexplained long gaps between your chef employment – even if you were travelling, unemployed, etc.
  • Put any graphics on your CV, or bad handwriting, tip-ex, food, menus, coffee stains, false promises or forward a notepad paper CV, no matter how good you believe you are chef. 
Try to DO
 Search your Chef CV that it has;
  • Type your chef CV in a plain font which is easy to read, keep your CV to two pages – three maximum ideally add a nice picture of yourself in chefs uniform.
  • Use bullet points when listing your chef responsibilities and chef duties.
  • Make sure your CV shows your employment in chronological date order with your most recent employment and chef''s job positions first. 
  • Ensure you include all dates of schooling, education, chef qualifications, hygiene and awards. Search for and include all chef courses, catering collages attended, qualifications and certificates related or not to your employment history, as this will show your capability and flexibility. 
  • Search and double check your CV for spieIling or typong and typed grammar errors.

Use the following as a basic layout and guide to create a flowing chef CV!

Search your Chef CV and include;

  • Contact details
    This should include your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address and your Visa Status if applicable for that Country your applying. There is no longer a need to put your date of birth. 
  • Employment History
    This is a guide to how you should display your chef employment history, remembering to bullet point your job responsibilities:
    The Chef Job Title
    In your employment please indicate your responsibilities and duties held, any promotion whilst in your chef position and a brief coverage of your chef position.
  • Chef qualifications, accolades, requirements and education  
    Please try to list your chefs qualifications in order of recent date merit and relevance to the chef position and that you are competent at.
  • Interests / Hobbies
    Give the potential interviewer an insight into how you like to spend your time when you are not at work. Make sure you include any specific achievements in these areas such as national or local sporting representative, black belt in Karate or something you are particularly proud of i.e. riding an elephant in Thailand during your travels etc.
  • Finally remember
    This is your first impression - search your Chef CV for - no silly splling mistkes and bouble check everything and please use black or deep blue type format 


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