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Your job application for employment just got Better !

worldwide chef job offersChef Site and our multi-media CV, M-cv© as we call it, makes you ever more creative in your chef skills and for you to stand out from the rest with your future job applications. M-cv shows who you are as a chef are so much more than a qualification alone. M-cv gives you the chance to show your skill set and to shine as a chef with a two minute video to show your true personality and professionalism, aided with a spectrum of pictures and the ability to gain reviews from registered past employment. M-cv gives you we believe the best possible chance in building your career. 

Your M-cv video is easy as pie to make, using any media capturing device like your mobile or tablet, create a smart and interesting video to capture your next employers imagination, you can edit it on your Pc, log in to your account and download, it’s that simple. Though where trying to make it even simpler with our Chefs App coming to launch in 2014. 

You are the stage, you have the control over your profile, you can "hide" whenever you like and use it to apply for any chef job, anywhere in the world !

Welcome to M-cv, the ultimate CV for chefs !

m-cv interview searchChef Site M-cv© platform with video profiling provides employers with your chef personality so much more than a traditional cv ever will. M-Cv delivers your passion, abilities, flair and talent so much more than your cv alone. With a 2 minute video to your profile, pictures past registered employer feedback is instantly recognised to an employer in an instant. Chef's really have the chance to make there cv shine and take the stage. The video platform as part of the M-cv is ideal way to show your creative talents and your personality as a skilled chef and craftsman as part of your cv application and gives an posable catering employer or hospitality recruiter a new dimension to your application. It’s important to remember to show your true enthusiasm and stand out from the crowd, but not be overly confident, be you, afterall, you are the stage..

chef registration discriptionYour Chef profile 

Registering your chef profile is your “About you” section, you should aim to say a lot more than just ‘please find my CV attached’, yet don’t write a Bible either, as most employers are put off by long-winded letters that stretch for pages at a time. Stick to concise consistent facts of around 3-4 paragraphs and use the “About you” to showcase your skills and handling of spelling, grammar, courtesy and tone supported by your chefs video.
You can expand on your skills, your jobs and where you have been on your CV area, introduce anything else that might help your application that has't been highlighted in your video or in your “about you” section of your online registration importantly. In any job application use your own words and don’t try to overly impress with long-winded terms or clichéd business rhetoric. Ideally make sure everything you write is really relevant to the job you are applying for.

Feedback and reviews from past employers

As we all know references are a key ingredient to your application and with Chef Site M-cv you can ask your previous employers to complete registration on Chef Site so they can leave their feedback opinion on your profile as a past registered employer which all gives and future employer looking to hire you a little feedback to your work. Feedback can may be include areas of professionalism, work attitude, timekeeping, but please remember your review can only be given by registered businesses on Chef Site and a genuine employer to you, violation can lead to you and there suspension to all our sites. 

Making a presentation Video for your job applications.

As we know, every chef as a service worker is individual in their approach, creation, preparation and style. Chef Site believes this important individual talent and personality should be gathered and surly presented to every recruiter, capturing this is your video of 2 minutes.
  Take a few moments to plan your video, it dost have to be perfect, as we know not even TV chefs get it right. Be your natural self as a chef, it’s more about your expertise, your personality and you don’t have to look like a movie star either or have special effects. But please ensure that your pictures are original and free from advertising and comply to our terms.

We recommend Chefs just be chefs, its how you are that matters the most, if you like working in a natural environment, If you work well under pressure, prep well, or just have a gift of presentation on the pass then its best to showcase that culinary asset. 
Upload your Video onto our website through your account, if you don’t have one, what you waiting for and apply for for your next career move by viewing our list of chefs jobs from around the UK and the globe today! 

Preparing your online profile

You are the stage,`chefs with personality’ it’s important to spend a little time on the preparation of your online profile, as every chef knows you’re only as good as your mise en plas. It’s important you take a few moments to think on your presentation in front of the camera. If you are using your mobile phone, maybe take a few different angles and maybe use other phones. As all chefs know, don’t expect to get it right first time, as preparing a great dish takes a little effort. 

chef looking for job

The best jobseeker for a job application is you !

With Chef Site and our video profiling you can describe yourself, your ethos, your personality clearly and maybe even cook a dish.. but don’t over rehearse as you want yourself to sound natural. Look around at your background as there’s nothing worse than an untidy chef with an untidy room, remember you are the focus of the video job application.

Don’t over complicate your video job application, keep things simple, common mistakes are,  thinking and talking fast, long talks, overstated remarks, what you can do and talking from a list. When your happy with your video upload it to your profile and let employers see the real chef within you. 
Finally, Just check that you have uploaded and set out your CV onto your account and save, as with our terms & conditions don’t post any content that involve any contact or personal details on your M-cv in incorrect areas, for example, your telephone number, address, or any places of work within your descriptions and that all your uploaded videos or pictures and all its content is rightfully yours.  Make sure your profile is set to active. 

Pictures, a great way to show your work presentation skills

Chef Site  photo profiles is the chance for you to show further through pictures your skills, simply upload photos in the photo section via your log in page, please remember Chef Site terms of no advertising.  

Job Application.chef wanted signpost

In writing your profile, your CV and your coving letter to a future employer it is important to remember what will be the first thing they will see is your ` about me'. This introduction offers recruiters an taste of what you are like, but you should not forget it is a competitive chef job market and it is important to spend a few moments checking that everything is A ok. Poorly presented CV's and introductions, profiles and poorly presented chefs with a rushed CV are certainly placing themselves at a disadvantage right from the start of the recruiting process. For further advice on creating a CV as part of your job application have a look here, Chef C.V 

With your job application with Chef Site provides employers with your true personality so much more than a cv ever will. Our M-Cv feature delivers your passion, your abilities, flair and talent for that chef job to an employer in an instant, you really have the chance to take the stage on your career. With our chef videos getting ever more popular gives an prospective employer a new dimension to your application. It’s important to remember to show your true enthusiasm and stand out from the crowd, but not overly confident, be you, afterall, you are the main stage.


“Taste a different kind of Company” 

A great thing about Chef Site is its flexibility and professional approach, you don’t have to travel with boxes to fill in or specific questions to address just for interviewers to see you. Chef Site video and profiling is uniquely formatted to showcase your skills with a great balance between your skills and qualifications