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local supplier with fishSupport our local Catering Suppliers.

In recognition of my own personal journey of discovery regarding the use and abundance of decent local suppliers Chef Site supplier directory was formed. In tribute and support of the many local suppliers nationally.

I am sure we have all read the scripts of `Fresh, local produce is becoming more popular and sought after by chefs and home cooking all over the UK.’ But do we as chefs take notice and is it value ? Can we chefs truly buy local?  I would like to guide you through my own personal experience of my local suppliers, from a vague view that bigger was usually better with companies and as every chef knows, discounts to help the Gp. I personally used to think like this but in recent years I have to review my thoughts. Imagine my surprise, that, from outsourcing my daily orders from large wholesale companies daily that I could get a perfectly marbled striploin of beef, from a local supplier and better still cheaper ! A catering butcher with their own farm, where the cow was raised and fed on local pasture. Imagine my surprise continued as the butcher explained he could not only tell me how old the beef was, but the bread and heard, then came the real shocker, the quality and price. As I said, perfectly marbled and cheaper than the all national supply chains. It was then I looked at the firm use and support of the various and highly experienced local suppliers with their excellent special catering daily offers, knowledge and in-depth job expertise. But, as I later found out, it was their valuable support as to be a true asset,- after dropping several balls throughout the disorganised management structure of a couple of functions missed out the chain to kitchen. Came the mad panic within the kitchen, the local suppliers came to the rescue, as fortunate as I was, they assisted in dropping off valuable supplies at zero notice and complete catering kitchen disaster averted.

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 Supplier Days Out.

Watch this space for local supplier days out, events and training supported by our local suppliers. Supplier days out include visits to Cheese makers, Forage days, Mushroom picking in the country, Beer tasting, Molecular Gastronomy, Sausage , Butchery, Wholesale Market, Promotions & Competitions.

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The local hospitality supplier directory.

Please feel free to ask your local suppliers to contribute to Chef Site’s supplier list, In supporting our local produce, not only local suppliers but by giving some of our best-kept secrets to other fellow Chefs, If your looking for a supplier in your area please also look in our find supplier.    

The benefits of using local food suppliers.

As I discovered the benefits of buying and supporting fresh, local produce over some chain food retailers. With more farmer's markets appearing, local suppliers are opening their doors wider to the local public. Many people now want to know where their food comes from and to support local suppliers.  Tasteless, out of season food, jam packed with additives, wrapped in layers of packaging does little for consumer confidence. As qualified chefs we are finding our customers are asking more about our food, its origins and the ethics of using local. Whilst we chefs still have a reasonable control of the purse strings we should get ever more creative in sourcing and developing this valuable resource and may I say, apart from local meat, fish, and vegetables I found my fresh home-made elderflower, strawberry and ginger jam was wonderful addition to the humble cream tea !.

Our local smaller suppliers face a constant battle competing with large branded big suppliers. By supporting local suppliers, money stays local and not only creates and sustains jobs, it ensures the bright future of local food suppliers and local sourced food that tastes better and is healthier. Other benefits include keeping money local, the area becomes more confident, communities are more tight knit, happier and healthier in body and mind, and creates a healthy, flourishing society. As for the variety, freshness and superior taste of fresh I am sure it adds all the benefits of local sourcing, knowing  your own personal supply chain, One final important note to consider as I read, -` Michelin food inspectors and Michelin standard chefs value above all else, fresh, local produce that not only looks impressive but tastes good, and is a major ingredient in what separates Michelin star chefs from the run of the mill chef’. I and so do many other who have worked in many chef positions and achieved career goals believe that we don't have to be Michelin standard chefs to use fresh produce, my passion for great food no matter if I'm cooking fresh burgers on a pier in sunny Bournemouth, or catering for some of the worlds international brands and individuals, what I value is my dedicated career and craftsmanship to produce some freshly prepared and fantastic tasting food, firmly in the knowledge that I know everything about sourcing it's background and it’s all my own work. It's fresh, tasty and cooked with pride & passion, it inspires the next generation of career motivated chefs in hospitality to learn new techniques rather than weigh and ping. As experienced chefs we will instinctively know that when you have freshly prepared and cooked fresh fish on the hot plate ready to serve and to have it served and in the sea in the same day is truly important.  As working chefs you have a much better chance of it tasting stunningly fresh then some chain that has held that fish for three or so days. The same can be said for vegetables taken directly from the ground and delivered to the plate will have a far better taste, or meat that has experienced the correct husbandry love and preparation. 

Please use our find a local supplier and if you know a great supplier who wants better promotion of their products and business, don't keep the secret, let your supplier know the support and advertising of suppliers on Chef Site. 

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