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Christmas Cover

Chef needed: 23rd Dec. 2021 to 27th Dec. 2021

Salary: £1250.00
Accommodation: yes
Working hours:
Application closing date: 30th Oct. 2021

Job Details

Christmas Cover at traditional Scottish Estate for 12/14 guests
The house has been rented by two families of 12/14 guests who will require all meals cooking from dinner on the 23rd December to breakfast on the 27th. There will be a small team of staff to help. Traditional British dishes with a seasonal, celebratory feel. Menus will be agreed well in advance with the guests and all shopping will be done for you.

The Estate is 5 miles from Kilmarnock so a car is preferred but not essential. Transfers can be arranged if necessary.

The house is relaxed and friendly.

Please call for a chat if you are interested.
The employer has stated no duty of care issues with this job

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