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The food purchasing group for catering & hospitality  -  Chef Site.

Is your gross profit not where it should be ?

Spending far to much or not enough time on supplier costs ?

Is your buying group taking it's unreasonable cut ?

We are different to all the other buying groups, we work with you and also support the local suppliers. Chef Site purchasing group work for you, continually revising food prices on your behalf with local suppliers, so you get the best possible locally sourced quality produce at the best possible price. With a history of successful establishments saving on costs we are sure we can assist you. 


The benefits in joining wholesale purchasing food group with local catering suppliers.

You have flexibility of your specific orders and more importantly you have a point of contact and a personal approach and a greater understanding of your requirements.  Although there are more assets, like flexibility and variety or just when you run short, with up to three runs throughout Dorset, you have peace of mind that local suppliers support you and not a national retailer or buyer, Our suppliers become with your business a free market giving you direct prices which are feed back to you, no middle man, no cuts. 


The advantages of joining our food group with cost effective purchasing.

The advantages to your business is having a great product that is highly competitive in regards to quality and price, Chef Site purchasing group will also notify you of special offers, seasonal trends and recruitment offers. Chef Site transparent opt in or out policy is simple, there are no hidden commissions or fees. We don’t offer complicated rebates or long multi year contracts Chef Site offers genuine hotel retail solutions with all the benefits of a buying group but without the downsides. Chef Site purchasing solutions is new breed of companies that negotiates low prices from local suppliers and distributors and passes 100% of all promotions, rebates and discounts directly to you.

Chef Site Purchasing Solutions have established themselves as an important resource in the hospitality purchasing sector aiding your leverage and purchasing power. 

To know the full benefits of Chef Site and if it is the right choice for you, get in contact and we will carry out a free cost comparison for you to see just how much our purchasing solutions could save you!