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Chef Site works at making our website highly visible and viewed online and at being found by 10,000s of chefs searching for job adverts. 

We offer;

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  • Chef Site with world internet coverage with 7 highly visible websites.
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  • Create a bespoke stylish business profile in minutes. 

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  • Upload your business video & photos to your job advert.

  • Compare & select chef profiles that are structured & consistent.

  • See a chefs video, experience, review feedback to aid recruitment selection. 
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What internet reach will my chef job adverts get !

With over 950,000 hits and an unprecedented web reach and presence from our highly ranked websites such as and assisted with our social media of 10,000's of chefs we aim for your advert to receive the full coverage it deserves, attracting the right chef to fulfil the job position.

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Advertise your chef jobs with - Chef Site
View chef profiles.

View great Chefs and not just CVs and significantly reduce cv screening times and costs with Chef Site and its M-cv with video. Video as part of recruiting is the modern way to show a chef's or employers skills, talent and personality as a skilled professional and craftsman instantly.

Making the recruitment process easier

As we all know, job recruiting that includes advertising and viewing chef job seekers takes time that many employers don't have. Video profiling combines the richness of seeing chefs skills in there job application with the overall professionalism with the convenience and affordability of a cv. At Chef Site we provide a simple accessible recruitment process into your day-to-day recruiting workflow. As part of a advertising campaign M-cv gives an chef, employer or recruiter a new dimension to any job application process, its shows true enthusiasm and skills that stand out from the crowd instantly 

Recruiting for chefs-  Advertise your  company.

Chefs do appreciate a hospitality company or catering recruitment company that cares about the person who works hard in the day to day challenges in a working kitchen environment. As a company and recruiter why not take the opportunity to stand out. In return, let them show you the real chef behind the CV, let chefs fall in love with your brand and culture with a bespoke, branded video, that shares values, style and shows you care about the chef behind the CV.

Find a chefs working personality to your job advert.

Chef Site is no ordinary traditional chef advertising website or job board, we aim to deliver everything you need to know about a chef in just a few clicks and limit your resources with our M-cv concept. 
M-cv video profiling lets you see a chefs true personality as part of the jobseekers CV application. Additionally chefs can provide seven photos of there work and you can review valuable feedback on the chefs profile to aid your referencing.

                                                                               Chef Site, changing how you work,
                                                                                                                  not how well you work..                                                                                                           

The benefit of publishing chef job adverts with video profiling.chefs jobs advert advertising
  • Simple tools let you create a stylish account in minutes.
  • Already registered? You could post an advert in seconds.
  • Your chef job advert will appear in moments.
  • Gain job seeker responses instantly.
  • Your advert can be social media and search engine searchable.
  • Gain feedback enhancing your reputation.
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  • Gain a jobseeker video responses reducing resources.

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