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Chef Site M-cv© platform provides employers, recruiters and chef agencies an Chef`s true personality so much more than a chef's CV ever will. M-cv delivers a chefs passion, abilities and talent for the new chef job position to an employer in an instant. Chef Site is the only independent chef recruitment advertising job board specific to chefs incorporating such facilities as Video profiling. Video enables you to see the chef directly before the selection process, supported by past feedback and reviews from past registered employers. With video you take away the hassle of blank interviews or opportunists pushing there luck. With Chef Site you could get to see a chef before you dedicate time or even pick up the phone !

Fundamentally, we believe the traditional recruitment process of job listings and cv application is time and resources consuming, Chef with its M-cv platform video profiling allows resources to be reduced. With listing adverts to an exact target audience of chefs through our dedicated 7 chef websites your posting will attract the best responses.
With worldwide direct key domain websites whatever chef you are trying to reach in the catering and hospitality trade, at whatever chef level Chef Site offers we believe the most comprehensive coverage of the web.

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Chef Site recognised internet coverage is not only limited to the UK but the world; with sites directed to Chef Site such as a recognised leading Chef website with over 950,000 combined visits supported with additional listing websites like and to but name a few we aim to get your recruitment campagn viewed. 

Chef Site is dedicated to listing the most up to date and richest chef reference sourcing and opportunities, along with the best range of chefs and chef jobs that will enable your success in your job ad postings.


recruitment listing opportunities Using M-cv and video as part of your recruiting.

How can you spot skills, confidence, professionalism and passion before an interview? There's no better way to find the perfect chef applicant than with M-cv video profiling from Chef Site. Chef Site believes when recruiting for chefs they should not be just judged on grades or qualifications alone as the main way to filter Chef's. With M-cv video profiling you can review a chef's professionalism, experience and a chef’s personality in an instant using Video profiling. As part of their C.V. and supported with past feedback and reviews from registered clients it enables you to asses your recruiting approach and listing oportunities.

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