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The career website for chefs searching jobs.


Chef Site is designed to be the biggest presence on the web, it is easy for chefs to access, search & apply for chefs jobs from all around the globe. Chef Site is designed for chefs to further and advance their career on one website unlike other job websites that don't specialize in chefs. Chef Site provides employers, recruiters and chef agencies a chef`s true personality so much more than a chef's CV ever will, with our M-cv which includes video profiling. Our aim is simple, to show a chefs personality, ability, professionalism and get you noticed and with 7 dedicated Chef Websites, we aim to do just that !

 In a competitive chef job market employers and recruiters are looking for new ways to find and select talented chefs in less time !  With Chef Site as part of the selection process you can show your creative side, skills, abilities and aptitude easily, getting you noticed and ahead instantly !

Understandably as a chef trying to keep ahead of the rest with just a plain CV and show your professionalism can be frustrating. Chef Site with our video M-cv© platform provides your talent to employers and employment agencies with your true personality, so much more than a standard CV ever will. M-cv delivers your passion, your abilities, flair and talent to aid you getting you to that chef job interview with an employer in an instant; you really have a career to take the stage.

If you a little shy, or don't want to show your skills to a world stage as you are really having a bad hair day, don't worry, you can hide your profile and send your cv, just to those jobs you are interested in, view and apply for Jobs
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 "When presentation matters,                                                                                                                                                     Chef Site is just more than your CV "


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The modern CV for your job applications - M-cv

Chef's ! Stand out, show your working skills, professionalism                                                                                                                              and talent with a modern CV !


  Chef Site's director had an idea, like many chefs he was frustrated in his job application, he wanted to show his skills, his talent and true professionalism more than a qualification and CV alone to prospective employers! That thought over ten years ago has become reality with M-cv and Chef Site was born. M-cv© short for multimedia C.V makes you ever more creative in showing your chef skills and for you to stand out from the rest with your job application ! With a two minute video you can show your true personality, your real skills, your attitude which is all part of your very own bespoke C.V profiling page. You can upload your own video onto your profile easily as well as up to 5 pictures showing any employer your true skills. You can also gain valuable feedback reviews from registered past employment onto your profile showing your stable career path which all gives you the best possible chance in progressing your career. With Chef Site and its M-cv it's your chance to show your qualities and make your career shine as a chef.


kitchen chef jobsThe CV that helps chefs show talent & career skills in a job application instantly ! 


  • Show your skills, personality and professionalism and stand out. 
  • As a chef adding a video enhances your CV and shows your skill so much more than a cv. 
  • It’s added value to a great first impression to any future employer. 
  • It’s a great way to introduce yourself, show your skills, true enthusiasm and stand out.
  • A great introduction to who you are, much more than a standard CV can ever do.
  • Upload your video from your mobile phone, PC or tablet easily.
  • You can Hide your profile  if your a bit shy, until you find the right chef job or employment opportunity to suit you.


                 Up to £100.00 in prizes for the best profile including a Video, be creative !  
                                Employers and recruiters, Find out how M-cv helps you in recruitment  here  


                                                                                                     "You won't get an interview unless you stand out !                                                                                                                                                                         You stand out with an Video M-cv" 


Preparing your career

Making your cv job application with Chef Site.

Get ahead with a Video as part of your profile and be seen, M-cv shows your creative talents and your personality as a skilled chef and craftsman as part of your M-cv job application which gives an recruiter or employer a new dimension to your job application.

It’s important to remember to show your true enthusiasm and stand out from the crowd, but not overly confident, be you.

Hide my online chef profile

You have total control of your profile, you can "hide it" whenever you feel and use it to apply for chef jobs anywhere in the world! Find jobs

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You are the stage and a chef who has`chef with personality’ attitude, but spend a little time on the preparation in your video job application , as every chef knows you’re only as good as your preparation `mise en place'. Take a few moments to think on your presentation in front of the camera. If you are using your mobile phone maybe take a few different angles maybe using other phones, as chefs know, a great dish takes a little effort.

Gain Past Employment Feedback and Reviews

As we all know employer references are a key ingredient to your application, Chef Site M-cv has a feedback option for past and future registered employers to give you a little feedback to your work like professionalism, work attitude, timekeeping, but please remember your feedback can only be given by registered genuine businesses to Chef Site, violation can lead to suspension to all our sites. 

The chef you are and the employment you are searching for

Describe yourself, your ethos, your personality clearly, maybe cook a dish.. but don’t over rehearse as you want to sound natural. Look around at your background, there’s nothing worse than an untidy chef with an untidy kitchen and it won't go down to well with an future employer. Remember you are the focus of your video.

Showing your working skills

Don’t over complicate yourself and keep things simple, common mistakes are thinking you talked the fastest, the longest and from a list with overstating what work you can do and the employers you have worked for. Be you.. Highlight your potential, experience and ambitions, watch your video, do you like it ? then upload it to the Chef Site M-cv

How you present yourself to employers

Just check that you have uploaded and set out your CV onto our database as with our terms & conditions. Don’t post any content that involve any contact details on your M-cv in any incorrect areas, for example, your telephone number, address, or any places of work within your descriptions or video. Check all content is rightfully yours. Make sure your profile is set to active, set the settings you wish to work in and what type of chef jobs you are looking for

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Interview tips - For advice on going to interview,   Read


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