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Chef Site works at getting recruitment agencies and employment businesses and its adverts at being viewed across the internet. With our highly visible websites with over 950,000 hits our websites attract chefs looking for jobs and careers in hospitality kitchens worldwide. Its easy to say our internet reach is extensive and easily seen and accompanied with thousands of enrolled chefs. Our directory of chef agencies and employment businesses is a highly visible source for chefs and employers to find and access.  

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Just some of the added benefits of advertising your employment business on our directory

  • Be found by with Area, Nationwide & Worldwide coverage of your recruitment businesses on Chef Site.
  • Promotion of your employment business profile on Chef Site on the internet. 
  • Be found with our highly visible internet search terms such as " Find Chef Agency" or "Agencies" and also by "area". 
  • Ranked on page 1 on, Bing (Mobile ) and Yahoo ( America ) for term "search chef jobs" " Find Chef Agency " Find chef jobs in .." Cornwall""plus many more
  • Be found as a professional recruitment businesses and a reliable temporary serviceworker supplier. 
  • Area, nationwide & worldwide viewing of your of your chefs jobs adverts.
  • Exclusive recruitment advertising rates.
  • Upload your business photo to a job description field. 
  • Extensive internet presence.
  • Valuable feedback & ratings.
  • Reduce resources.
  • Advertise and reach to thousands.


Chef job adverts that get seen with our websites.

With over 950,00 hits and an unprecedented internet reach and presence through highly ranked sites like,,, Chef-Recruitment and to name a few, all aid your published recruitment adverts being found and attracting the best candidate response. View a selection of our latest vacancies here along with live recruitment campaigns. 

Advertise unlimited* "featured" chef jobs for one years subscription for just  £600.00
For a registered user ( Fair usage, no spamming & terms apply **)


                                                                                                                                         "Chef Site, changing the way you recruit,                                                                                                                                                                                                                        not how well you recruit".


Get your recruitment business found with joining our Agency & Relief directory.

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Chef Site not only offers recruiters with value job advertising packages but we also offer great promotion packages to get your recruitment company seen. Its easy to state you may say, so we will explain how we do it. With our websites like Chef Agency gaining unparalleled rankings on such areas as "Find a chef Agency" in a location like "Cornwall, Devon or London etc" on Google. And with our registered suppliers gaining enhanced internet rankings like " Catering butchers Bournemouth" or "Fresh fish suppliers Bournemouth"  we have developed our Chef Agency directory and relief agency advertising for your recruitment business to be found on our website and established online with Chef Site. Advertise and get your recruitment business seen.

Place Unlimited Job Adverts and inclusion of our Chef Agency & Relief Directory package £1100.00 
                                            ( pay monthly terms avaliable )

                                                                                                   "See a chef in moments,                                                                                                                                                                                                                             with Video profiling".                                                                                                           

The modern way of recruiting jobseekers

We all know the traditional recruitment process of candidate processing and CV sieving is time and resource consuming but with Chef Site M-cv platform with its video profiling makes life easier as a recruiter to view a chef before any selection. As you may gather we are no traditional recruitment advertising job website, with advertising your vacancies through our websites you advertise direct to a broader and wider variety of chefs with the confidence that you are advertising to a specific chef target audience. Additionally your recruitment advert will not get lost in the mist of lots of other job adverts or awaiting an actual chef's response. Your recruiting advert will be published on Chef Site and will also be visible on all our 7 websites, offering we believe the most direct and comprehensive coverage of the internet, attracting chefs to your posted chef advert. Tell me more about M-cv

Chef Site is a independent chef advertising and recruitment website that is marketed just at chefs and includes features as video profiling, chef's pictures and valuable feedback. This all provides hospitality employers, recruiters and chef agencies a chef`s true personality so much more than a CV ever will. With our websites features you can view a chef direct before any employment or selection process. Hospitality employers can also view any published job seekers past reviews or references from any prospective jobseekers past employment from registered employers and clients. This gives any future employer a far better informative understanding of a candidates job application


Our understanding of the term "spamming"

** You agree that all jobs placed on Chef Site are currently live, visible, accessible and can be successful in application by a job seeker within your recruitment businesses.
You agree to place a one job advert that you have currently live.
You agree that each job advert posting will not be associated with another of exact or similar placement, value, wording or area or of the same employer/businesses.



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