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The Relief Chef Agency

The Relief Agency for Businesses needing temporary recruitment

Looking for a cost effective relief chef for temporary work in your kitchen ? At Chef Site we only charge for the placement duration so you can avoid those excessive hourly agency fees. We use vetted self employed chefs that you pay directly so you have complete control.

We make sure our relief chefs come from professional backgrounds and have the experience that you may require. With a variety of chefs that can provide temporary work in your kitchen from chef de partie, second chefs and head chefs we are sure Chef Site can provide a cost effective and professional solution to your temporary workforce needs. 

Relief Chef directory website

Chef Site is supported with over 950,000 hits combined through our network of 7 dedicated chef websites. Our Chef Agency and Relief Chef websites are just two of our highly ranked websites which aim to get you noticed and relief work regularly available. Chef Site is dedicated to providing the most up to date and richest relief chef business and relief contractor reference sourcing that will enable your business success in gaining and contracting your relief work services.

Relief Agencies get viewed with Chef Site

To show your relief agency ahead of the rest can be frustrating, no matter what your work approach. Chef Site with high web presence and profiling makes it ever more creative and easier to show your professional experience as a relief business. 

 Chef Site really is innovative, not only to Chef's and recruiters with it's new approach with the introduction of M-cv video profile platform but also with  relief agencies, businesses and freelance relief chefs, offering direct access for you to promote your services and for catering hospitality businesses to easily access a database of recommended relief contractors that is easy to find on the web.

Independent freelance Relief Chefs. 

Are you a professional relief contractor ? Chef Site can offer a limited number of independent relief chef businesses to advertise on Chef Site. With an online booking calendar as part of your profile, pictures and video introduction to show hospitality customers as a freelance relief chef you can become more independent. Chef Site gives you every chance for you to succeed and get seen by agencies and businesses needing a emergency agency chef.

With Chef Site you are a relief chef that is in control of your own destiny and your own finances! join as a independent relief chef  with us with a low monthly fee, and start earning from registration today!  


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Do you need to find a relief chef to work in your kitchen ? We welcome clients new and old call us on 0785 5000 500.

"The original catering hospitality agency businesses when you are searching for a relief chef or agency"

chef looking for workWe have limited availability for freelance relief chefs.
 What's included - For Independent Relief Contractors ;

As we all know recommendation is critical, we believe Chef Site is the ONLY recruitment site to offer you these facilities added with feedback reviews from your successful work appointments that validate and promote your services. M-cv allows you to take the stage, with your own profile, video, photos and feedback of past services, 

 Simply register and search, set up your chef jobs in just a few clicks, track your applications all from within your M-cv online account.

Relief chef Video, your £ rate's and feedback 

Chef Site with it's facilities of M-cv consisting of your 2 minute video profiling by simply uploading your video via your account is subject to our terms and vetting.

The rate per hour you charge is easily accessible via your registration and visible on your public profile.

For every service you have successfully complete you can gain valuable feedback from that service provider ultimately enhancing your reputation. Register as a relief chef contractor 

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Listing basics for a relief chef

Name, address, contact details, short & long description

  • Set your rates for cover
  • Gain feedback enhancing your profile
  • Search and select your next placement
  • Take the stage, show your talents through M-cv video profiling
  • Complete your profile in minutes, advertise and get noticed immediately
  • Nationwide, UK & world coverage supported by excellent key chef domain name websites
  • Video introduction facility encouraging a familiar contact 
  • Up to 4 photos to define your business
  • Profile description of your business
  • Please read all our terms and conditions before registering.
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Relief Calendar settings 

Calendar settings are located within your profile. You can set and adjust your calendar to your availability for jobs. Once you have accepted a service your calendar will be automatically adjust for the duration of the service as an assigned appointment. You can apply for any position if it dots' obstruct any other unavailable dates you have committed to. 

Service contract 

It is recommended that the relief contractor and business should agree and have in place there own terms of service. Upon the agreed date of hire of relief, Chef Site has will digitally deliver its own binding service contract for the duration of the contract/s for your convenience and diligence that can be read and viewed here ; sample contract and internally agreed by both parties on the service hire and can be amended to suit. it is important that you read and fully understand this contract as it is law binding. Any agreed amendment contract makes a binding contract between both parties without prejudicing any Chef Site terms and conditions available at any time on this website.

Fees for relief chef contractors

We currently only charge a small Subscription fee for an Relief Chef contractor to be listed on our site for just £35.00 per month for a 4 month contract which is less than £9.00 per month. We limit our impendent relief chefs presently to demand of 15 chefs.  



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