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Chef Sites director had an idea, based on his own experiences and qualifications working in the catering industry. He found like himself, that not all working chefs need to be based on qualifications alone to show there expertise, skills and passion. That idea was the inspiration to Chef Site being conceived and the M-cv was born. M-cv is the CV where chefs can upload pictures and a personal working video along with a CV to show there real employment skills to a future employer instantly.  

Find Chef jobs by kitchen position or area

With our website chefs can search for there next career move in the kitchens of the world! and find chef jobs by kitchen position, location and areas across the globe.

As a new concept in job board offering recruitment advertising for chef’s, recruiters and suppliers, Chef Site is the new exceptional modern and refreshing website for chefs to find and apply for the latest jobs. 

Chef Site : Working for your future employment in the kitchens of hospitality.

 Chef Site is working towards educating and developing service workers careers for present and future chefs and forming bonds and friendships between all chefs and suppliers. Chef Site fully encourages chefs to progress in there career choices and we hope Chef Site provides the resources for you to achieve your goals, anywhere in the World !     

Chef Site is an independent company, we have no ego, no alternative motive, we are not a publication or linked to another recruitment agency. We are just here to support chefs get there jobs by providing a great resource and database of chef jobs and recruiters.

If your a chef but don't want your profile seen or a little shy, don't worry, we have the "hide " feature so no one can see your profile. 

If you have any idea's on how we can make our site better, just let us know. 

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Chefs, if you could work for us in promoting our website to fellow chefs, suppliers and recruiters. We are regularly at catering shows, supporting and promoting chef’s in this great industry of ours from within.

As you browse Chef Site and if feel there are any changes or adjustments please let one of our team know by contacting us

Chef site regularly holds events, days and charity events, please keep in regular contact for up to date information.

Looking for Chef Work?

We have hundreds of chef opportunities for chefs looking to gain employment on our website where chefs can view and apply for recent chef jobs.