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User agreement & terms for Chef Site Ltd & the website

Engagement of work- Chef, relief & recruiter


In any engagement of services you agree to;

This is an additional agreement, You understand and read Chef Site ltd full terms and conditions;

This agreement is for per One relief chef details for Per One self-employed relief Chef at your establishment, or relief contractor for the duration you have (a) agreed & specified (b) as specified in the advert and payment. 
As an independent relief/temp chef (supplier) or a ( Client / Businesses) wanting a service and are not going through any systematic third party you agree to abide by these terms - Chef Site applicable terms & Conditions, these relief terms, working terms of service. 

You represent that you have the full authority on application to legally bind and commit to that obligation to the dates provided and any/ all future engagements with the user/client will be through the ChefSite processes;
On receiving a relief chef/ contractor/ freelance chef entering at the nominated service establishment (Business), the Client / Business and the Supplier (relief contractor) accept to agree to be bound by all the terms contained in Chef Site including these Additional Relief Terms herein and accept and be bound of the unmodified original document "Working Terms";
You will not participate in advertising, solicitation or endeavour to solicit with other clients or any associated company or organisation for any employment, engagement or service, You will not to buy or sell any products or services outside of (without our prior written consent);

You may not transmit any or future contact details or work or connection without future involvement through chef site for a period of 4 (four) months and are bound for the term of the engagement/service, out of these dates and terms is strictly prohibited, breach of this clause shall be a material breach where Chef Site ltd will enforce without prejudice to any other remedies and/or may pursue legal action;

That the service/ engagement by the client is on an self-employed basis, on the engagement of work you agree you have in place and will provide any related administration; law requirement; valid receipt; payment; 

That you will carry out the service/ engagement, you will not sub-let to any third parties ( representative) unless previously agreed with Chef Site)), sell or transfer your/ the services or promote yourself to any client, not accept payment or anything of value from a third person in exchange for your performing any commercial activity through the unauthorized or impermissible use of Chef Site ltd services on behalf of that person;

You will comply with the provisions of the data protection act 1998 in relation to all details;

You will indemnify Chef Site ltd against any losses in connection therewith;

You will comply with all provisions of any employment law and  regulations to the engagement of the service and any legal requirements now or future and to provide in a timely manner to the client, including but not limited to;

  Any needed supplementary preparation, fire safety and procedures, company procedures, hygiene, due diligence, hse, coshh ; 
   (1)Inform any risk to the health and safety of any client/applicant at the location where the engagement of work is to be performed and make aware any recent incidents; 

   (2)are If the role involves working with vulnerable persons, including without limitation persons under the age of 18 or persons in need of care and attention by reason of old age, infirmity or any other circumstances where any further qualifications/ requirements are requisite (ie crb );

You will comply with all anti-discrimination legislation now and in the future, including but not limited to the sex discrimination act 1975, the race relations act 1976 and the disability discrimination act 1995 and the employment equality (age) regulations 2006;

Relief chefs are temporary self-employed and will adopt the normal staff terms and conditions of business as agreed with/ of the employer/recruitment business/agency as well as these terms;

For the avoidance of doubt you will not be considered to be an employee while working on any temporary/ relief assignment on a self-employed basis. Chef site reminds that relief chefs (self-employed) have their own insurance and public liability in situ;
Chef Site ltd that relief chef contractors only subscribe to this service if they have in place proper insurance and liability insurance in place.

If the advertisement / service specifies in content that accommodation is on offer, the applicant (relief chef) may occupy that accommodation but must be other than the applicant's home. As with above Chef Site accepts no liability whatsoever therewith;
We recommend that both the client and the relief chef undertake risk assessments prior of and on the engagement of any relief contracting services. The client is legally responsible for having undertaking a risk assessment in place on the contracting of a relief chef as part of legal requirements.
                 Chef Site recommends that a bare minimum of a risk assessment and due diligence procedures should be a include as minimal requirement and addressed to the supplier / relief chef on the start of any works should include areas of -
Reference ( Name of establishment
Service ( type of position)
type of risk
people at risk
contact name ( of both contractors) 
review date of risk
Risk evaluation including areas of Hazard, risk,(ie new staff, training, familiar procedures, understanding of equipment and kitchen) initial rating of hazard (l,m,h) existing control measures, your recommended control measures, final rating, additional action required or recommended.  copies should be signed by both parties.

Payment / engagement fees – Temp Relief.

If you are an independent relief/temp chef/supplier  or a business/ client that have hired a temp chef/relief and are not going through any systematic third party you agree to abide by these terms - Chef Site applicable terms & Conditions, these relief terms, working terms of service and its payment mediation - and not detract from these terms - Paying and collecting of any payment will be in a timely manner as agreed in the working conditions or as agreed in a additionally agreement . You indemnify Chef Site of any costs and that you are responsible for the applicable taxes, duties, paye national insurance, public liability, receipts etc. to the service provider / client and you indemnify Chef Site ltd against any losses in connection or in any connection therewith;

Late payment
For any full filled service, where payment has not been adequately received within the agreed specified time frame. ( to a maximum of 28 days ) The supplier / Chef Site will/can be entitled to administration fees (in addition to statutory interest( as of Chef Site terms) of £45.00 for any reminder invoices, 8% additional interest above the Bank of England rate and Chef Site administrative fee of £30.00 payable for every month until payment is received in full, unless ** applies,  ;   
Statutory Interest 
If a payment has lapsed Chef Site terms of 28 days, interest can be charged on the invoiced debt at 18% above Bank of England base rate until the invoice is settled and/or payment received in full, to the satisfaction of the supplier.  

Relief/ Temp Chefs

If your preferred type of work is of a temporary nature, please provide information regarding through the M-cv information ©, or inform the client on your submission before the start of service whether or not you will be providing your services as a limited company /self-employed contractor; and

 If applicable, provide a valid opt-out notification;
 If applicable, you have insurance and liability  ( confirmed  before the any application of work)
Additionally provide ; Before starting any placement you are reminded that you have the provision (and/or in a reasonable time frame,) to provide/ submit when reasonably requested by any third party if requested to a management/ service client (business), evidence to legally and safely work in the establishment, recent qualifications, ID( passport or any other reasonable proof of ID,) proof of public liability and insurance, It is also highly recommended that you have your unique self-employment reference number from the HMRC,

You accept sole responsibility for the legality of your actions under laws applying to you and the legality of any items you list on any of our sites.

For the avoidance of doubt you will not be considered to be an employee of either the company, Chef Site or its client while working on any temporary self-employed assignment

Terms of work  

As a provision you agree to the terms to "a working contract" - headed "Document of Working Terms" between the parties, A template of these terms for the clients is available on registration and provided on the start of service ;  and a attach copy is sited below for reference. A copy will be forwarded to each client for use at their own discretion on engagement  / commencement of contracting, these extra terms " terms of service" do not affect the general terms and conditions in any way, only to enhance it. 

Note - Recruitment agencies/ business, Relief chefs, relief employment/business agencies -

Our website is available for employers, recruitment, employment agencies/ businesses, self-employed relief chefs wishing to advertise their vacancies and/or services directly with Jobs advertised by employers, recruitment, employment agencies/ businesses and assigned to are subject to their standard terms and conditions and their own terms of business with each employer.

Self-employed relief chefs may advertise their services under our terms and conditions but are additionally subject to obliging to the ( if any )- standard staff working terms and conditions of the (client) business (handbook).

By placing an advertisement, listing or service you do so with having a reimbursement method on Chef Site ltd accounts file at all times.


Clients wanting an advertisement, listing or service must be validated by chef site, a fee for validating of details that you submit via your profile are made by you, or you have the entity to fulfil that obligation,

By placing an service/ advert or using any paid facility you agree to confirmed validation of its content and/or your profile and agree to all the terms can be included through placing an advert,  

Contracting of services

Chef Site shall perform the facilities using information, data and criteria supplied by the Client’s. It is the Client's responsibility to provide accurate and up to date information.

You agree to Chef Site ltd terms, relief terms, working terms, service, listing conditions & payment terms additionally on posting a job & engagement.

When forming a client service, you are under the obligation to supply truthful information, assuming to these effects all the damages and consequences of any kind that the untruthfulness of any information provided can cause, directly and/or indirectly, to Chef Site ltd and/or to any third party, at any time, for any reason, and by any means.

On your submitting / accepting an engagement for a relief service both parties have agreed in a legally bound contract, in agreeing you must fulfil and oblige for the services and the strict dates provided, that have been agreed or paid through Chef Site and any recompenses as :

You agree that if you abstain from any engagement without proven (written, text, email, etc.) confirmed reasonable notice (a minimum of 24hrs prior and 48 hour in engagement) to the client, without fulfilling that obligation you agree to pay and/or any recompenses at Chef Site ltd absolute discretion;-

   an administration fee £75.00 for each offence breach incurred in relation and/or the reimbursement advert cost, and/or temporary or indefinitely suspensions and /or probable negative feedback;-
  (**)  (ii)Unless the advertiser has materially changed the job’s description, destination, or not reasonably obliged in their responsibilities (cosh, safety policy, up to date hygiene regulations, duty of care, company terms, etc. )(in essence) all legal reasonable care and documentation to carry out the remunerated / engagement of the service/provider in safe and legal manor), untruthful in description, a clear typographical error is made, or you cannot frequently contact the client;
   (iii)Unless the supplier/ self-employed chef  / relief chef or service has materially changed their or it's description, there terms or not reasonably obliged in their responsibilities (qualifications, experience, hygiene regulations, duty of care, pay, id, right to work, etc. )( in essence all legal reasonable care to carry out the remunerated / engagement of the service in safe and legal manor in cooperation with the client ), untruthful in description, a clear typographical error is made, or you cannot contact frequently the relief chef.

Relief chefs that are appointed by an recruitment business/agency ( representative)  are under the strict and indebted specified terms, time-scale, pay, job description requirement, contracted in there terms. All further dealings between the representative and any supplier(relief chef) and in connection with the suppliers (relief chef) response to the vacancy are the responsibility of the representative and these terms; Chef Site ltd accepts no liability whatsoever therewith to their additional ( Agency, Recruitment) terms;

The client, if an employment /recruitment agency or an employment business as defined in the conduct of employment agencies and businesses regulations 2003 ("the regulations"), will comply with all legal provisions and regulations now and in the future including but not restricted to, the regulations and the employment agencies act 1973 in relation to all vacancies posted on, including communications with applicants and management of applicants and details through terms and conditions and indemnify Chef Site ltd against any losses in connection therewith;

You agree to indemnify Chef Site ltd and keep us indemnified against any costs, losses or expenses incurred or suffered by us as a result of any breach by any, or your obligations or warranties under the connection (engagement)

Your vacancy responses may be forwarded into your account or email address (subject to if any filtering.) Chef Site ltd does not guarantee that the client will receive any responses to any of its displayed job vacancies or your inquiries.

You accept sole responsibility for the legality of your actions under laws applying to you and the legality of any data you list on any of our sites. You accept all responsibility for any detriment which it may suffer or incur in respect of the engagement, of an engagement and will hold Chef Site ltd harmless against any losses in any connection therewith.

You accept all responsibility for any detriment which it may suffer or incur in respect of the engagement of an applicant and will hold Chef Site harmless against any losses in connection therewith. The client may use all reasonable endeavours to determine that it will not be detrimental to the interests of the applicant it intends to engage (if any) to work for the client in the vacancy posted.

terms and conditions of the services offered by chef site will be subject, at any time, according to what it is established at that time on its website.

Chef Site ltd highlights it is not responsible for any damage and/or loss of profit for the client or a third party as a consequence of a circumstance of force majeure, fortuitous event, failure or error in the communications lines, or for the defective rendered service or failure of the Internet.

Your use of this site and the engagement facilities of Chefs, relief/ temp services are for the defined parameters in the date to date schedule emailed and confirmed to you, you are re-framed from and not allowed in any future re-engagement or introduction or any work with that engaged client unless; another engagement through Chef Site has been purchased; or until after (3) months from the contact/introduction by Chef Site, without our express written permission,

Your engagement of the relief service is specified to the parameters date to date contract you have prescribed and emailed to you, it is paramount to oblige to these dates to avoid any fines or dis-entitlement. Engaging outside these parameters by either or both parties at any engagement will endure at Chef Site discretions;
Administration Fee;
 an administration fee of £15.00 per day (if know) for each liable party. And/or
 £180.00 one off administration fee for each liable partie, for failure in these terms,- and will cease your account and your any future sign up, login immediately and/or an breach of contract enforceable by legal action.

Chef Site ltd is not responsible for any harm and/or damage caused to any client or third party, neither for harm and/or damages suffered by any client or third party, caused directly or indirectly by the use and/or access and/or connection to the website and/or other linked websites, Chef Site ltd has no responsibly for any harm or damage caused to a client or third party due to incorrect operation, defects, errors or damage caused, totally or partially

Chef Site ltd is not responsible for any harm and/or damage caused to the client that is attributed - solely, directly and exclusively, to a wilful or negligent action or omission by the company, when the client and/or a third party or the people who they have to respond to are guilty of this harm and/or damage, or of any harm/damage caused to third parties and/or any loss of profit or benefits suffered by the client and/or third parties.

Chef Site ltd does not control the use of the services made by the client. In this sense, chef site ltd is not responsible or accountable for the use and/or the content that, in violation of the law and/or these Terms and Conditions and/or the applicable Particular Terms and Conditions, any client may make. Chef Site ltd is not responsible for the content and/or information and/or data transmitted, neither originating the transmission, not varying the data, neither selecting it nor the addressee, being, therefore, the client the only person responsible for the consequences there unlawful use or the use in disagreement with these Terms and Conditions can have, as well as the truthfulness and/or lawfulness of the contents provided by the client. To these effects, the client has the obligation to use the services according to the applicable law.

Giving Notice

Termination within the dates shall be in only agreed in and only exceptional circumstances and be agreed by  all, additionally both the chef and client having a minimum of 48 hours written signed confirmation with concurrent work in situ.

If termination is only by the self-employed chef additionally a fee of ten £10.00 maybe at discretion & agreed be deducted for the applying of another relief chef through Chef Site only ( in essence  the client may on this termination only sub contract through Chef Site)  for the same advert for the same dates, paying for another relief chef. 

Relief chefs agree that if early termination is agreed due to them, a compensation fee levy of ten (ten pounds) may be deducted.

Contracting of Service between Parties

As previously stated in these terms, Chef Site and for avoidance of doubt, our terms stipulate that you are to be solely responsible between each partie for how each other operate in addition to these terms. Chef Site delivers these terms and conditions for each party to abide to that service/s, these terms are additional to any terms provided by an business or recruitment agency to adopt. For avoidence of doubt; Where there may not be any such individual  terms available, each partie will now agree to adopt the "terms of service" set here.  For your own reference Chef Site has drafted these terms for each party to amend at their own risk without any repercussion whatsoever and to fully indemnify Chef Site.

 Terms of Service